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Cascadia Managing Brands provides industry-leading developmental training programs for consumer products companies, beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverage distributors, brokers, and specialty foods distributors. Each training program is custom designed to meet your very specific needs.


Major Corporate Client Project Experience


✓ Served as the sales training and management development department for major clients who wish to sustain or improve quality of training and development services at a reduced cost.

✓ Participated in formulation and implementation of Regional Marketing program for a client with sales of $1 billion.

✓ Established category management program and upgraded key account selling capabilities for a number of major consumer products clients.

✓ Assisted client transitions to new sales channels — to or from brokers, distributors, importers in Asia Pacific, India, Europe, direct or part-time sales force, etc.

✓ Consolidated separate sales forces to a unified, focused sales organization with major consumer products, food service and beverage firms.

✓ Evaluated sales organization structures, deployment, systems and personnel sales and management competencies.

✓ View our complete training client list.


Relevant Content Delivers Real World Results


✓ CASCADIA's focused experience in the consumer products industry and "training trainers" how to teach, creates the unique situation where you benefit from both content expertise as well as teaching process expertise.

✓ We tailor all concepts to the specifics of your warehouse or direct store delivery selling and distribution situation. All materials, case studies and training content reflect the realities of your products, problems and goals and thus facilitate transfer to the "real world".

✓ CASCADIA MANGAING BARNDS training programs make a work ethic statement as well as provide knowledge and skills. The sessions are intense and demanding both in terms of hours and performance requirements.


Organization Development Approach


Definitive, in-depth analysis of Management Systems and Structured Processes:

✓ Planning methodology

✓ Structure & deployment

✓ Selection criteria

✓Training & development systems

✓ Communication process

✓ Performance standards

✓ Corporate goal perceptions

✓ Evaluation & feedback formats

On-going involvement and implementation assistance:


✓ Training and development support

✓ On-going evaluation

✓ Culture and organization change assistance

✓ Measurement of results

Supported by Professional Instructional Design and Delivery


CASCADIA’s teaching process is focused on specific pre-defined learning goals and follows the process of:


✓ Establishing overall training program with each topic segment's relevant to the group

✓ Interactive presentation and discussion of content and conceptsPractice—common frame of reference analysis project or exercise

✓ Application to participants real life situations and/or, where skill development goals exist, a role play situation with structured feedback


Highly Participative and Interactive


✓ A high level of group involvement is planned to insure a meaningful learning experience for each person.

✓ Group communication and training methods and techniques utilized include:

▪ Analysis

▪ Questionnaires

▪ Visual Aids

▪ Group Discussions

▪ Role-Playing

▪ Video Skill Development

▪ Case Studies

✓ Participant workbooks, summaries and management job aids are provided for immediate application and future reference.


All Training Modules have been developed and are owned by Sales Systems Development, Inc.



Develop a Professional Internal Sales Training Capability and Improve Your Sales Meetings Productivity with CASCADIA’s Train-The-Trainer. In our program you will learn:


✓ How to effectively teach selling and merchandising skills to salespeople

✓ To establish the initial motivation for salespeople to listen and learn

✓ Public speaking techniques that generate group participation and sustain interest

✓ Principles for effectively organizing information and activities

✓ The characteristics and skills needed for effective trainers and meeting leaders

✓ Platform speaking and group communication skills that will improve a person's "spoken image" and ability to command attention

✓ Effective use of visual aids and how to generate and manage participation


All Training Modules have been developed and are owned by Sales Systems Development, Inc.


Cascadia Managing Brands experts teach you how to effectively manage the communications process to maximize performance.


✓ How to effectively manage conversations—intentional ways of speaking and listening that cause effective action

✓ Generating a stand—a common commitment to something worthwhile or compelling

✓ Conversations for "Possibility", "Resourcefulness", and Action—a significant new opening for thinking and action

✓ Getting to "Alignment" and understanding the team's level of Accountability and Responsibility to that commitment

✓ Coordinated Action—translating possibilities and commitments into results

✓ Demonstrating Commitment by saying what needs to be said to move the action forward

✓ How to intervene in circumstances that are inconsistent with declared Commitments—managing "fatal flaws" and "breakdowns"

✓ How to effectively coach one another without regard for titles, position, or authorities

✓ Developing a Team Charter that everyone knows, understands, and is able to practice and live on a daily basis

✓ Developing and abiding by Team Operating Principles

✓ Turning ineffective meetings into effective ones


Cascadia Managing Brands will help you build your brand through food brokers, distributors or importers by understanding:


✓ The role and responsibilities of a supplier/principal Business Manager

✓ Mutual obligations in the supplier/principal-distributor/broker relationship

✓ The fundamentals of portfolio management and how to influence resource utilization

✓ Distributor-Supplier market and brand share quadrant analysis and supporting management strategies and tactics

✓ How to negotiate specific, measurable objectives and performance commitments

✓ How to measure, evaluate and control sales execution

✓ Market visit procedures and disciplines—before, during, and after

✓ How to structure and conduct an effective broker/distributor "planning and review" meeting


All Training Modules have been developed and are owned by Sales Systems Development, Inc.


Cascadia Managing Brandsprofessionals teach you how to maximize your key account selling and category management potential. We address:


✓ The need to transition "salespeople" to "Business Managers"

✓ The key account buying environment - the impact of technology and "Efficient Consumer Response" (ECR) on the buying and selling relationships

✓ How to sell "power retailers" — building strategic alliances with major chains, wholesale clubs, convenience stores and mass merchandisers

✓ Analyzing major customer organization structure and buying systems

✓ How to structure new product and promotion program presentations and strategies

✓ How to prepare and deliver comprehensive category/business preview or review

✓ How category management concepts can be used to sell in different types of accounts

✓ How to organize and implement a category management program and system

✓ Defining micro-merchandising opportunities

✓ How to utilize a category management process


All Training Modules have been developed and are owned by Sales Systems Development, Inc.


The best plan is only as good as the deal negotiated. Cascadia Managing Brands trainers teach you how to be the best negotiators you can be.   The program includes:


✓ The sales negotiation process planning model

✓ Characteristics of effective and ineffective negotiators

✓ The dimensions of effective negotiating skills

✓ How to establish a higher value perception vs. "price only"

✓ The process and skill of managing concessions

✓ Seven "negotiating tactics"—how to use and defend against


All Training Modules have been developed and are owned by Sales Systems Development, Inc.



Cascadia Managing Brands brings sales management development to another level. We show you how to "Building an Effective Sales Team." We illuminate the key truths to build your best sales team including:


✓ The role of management systems and structured processes in effective sales execution

✓ Sales management planning process

✓ Recruiting systems and "behavior focused" interviewing skills

✓ Field training systems, analyzing training needs and coaching techniques

✓ Evaluating sales representative performance and providing feedback

✓ The motivation and leadership of sales personnel

✓ Controlling sales performance


All Training Modules have been developed and are owned by Sales Systems Development, Inc.



Cascadia Managing Brandsunderstands success depends on a company’s ability to develop strong and capable leaders and build effective teams.


✓ The relationship of leadership and the six dimensions of credibility

✓ Understanding the role of leadership in the management of change

✓ How to effectively use four styles of leadership to improve results

✓ Developing skills in evaluating "readiness" levels of personnel and teams

✓ The four stages of team development and characteristics of each phase

✓ Group dynamics and team decision-making process

✓Effective communications and feedback in changing corporate culture



"Professional Selling and Merchandising Strategies"—Six Three to Four Hour Training Modules.


✓ The Role and Responsibilities of a Professional Sales Representative

✓ Preparing and Delivering an Effective Sales Presentation

✓ Developing Customer Relationships Interpersonal Skills

✓ Handling Customer Questions, Concerns and Objections

✓ Fundamentals of Merchandising

✓ Effective Space Management


All Training Modules have been developed and are owned by Sales Systems Development, Inc.

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