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Utilize our brand management services (sales and distribution) or outsource your sales force to Cascadia Managing Brands. Our proprietary approach starts with determining the right territories, channels, required brokers and distributors.  Then we identify the right retailers for the right brands. We identify a brand’s unique strengths and develop a sales strategy that is consistent with the brand image. Lack of a coherent strategy and plan leads to costly mistakes, sales failures, high expenses, a loss to the bottom line, and eventually a dead brand.


At Cascadia Managing Brands we work with over two-dozen brokers nationally that have over 500+ salespeople selling everyday. Cascadia's employees work with our broker network to develop achievable goals and objectives and assist them by developing sales tools that make their jobs easier. As part of the brand management process, we are always available to make your key account sales calls.

Successful sales solutions customized for every brand

We have intimate and unique relationships with key buyers and distributors across the country that will help you speed the distribution process to market and help you save money. We work with you to develop a budget, oversee that budget, and make continual improvements and recommendations.


We work with major chain accounts and still understand how important specialty accounts can be to brand development. We work with the large stores as well as the smaller more prestigious stores where most manufacturers and distributors want to be.

Cascadia's representatives work closely with many Natural, Specialty, and DSD distributors across the country.

We work with the companies you want to work with.

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