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Cascadia's principals and advisors have broad finance and accounting experience which includes leading the financial efforts of businesses ranging from start-up to $500 million in sales.


As no two businesses are alike, we have designed our services menu to provide the greatest flexibility in allowing us to design a program tailored to your needs.


Cascadia can provide strategic counseling which will assess your business plan, validate your assumptions, and evaluate your strategy. If you don't have a plan, we can help you create one from topline strategy development, to a detailed business and financial plan, to plan implementation.


Strategy Development 

With over 75 years of experience in food and beverage industry, our team can help you develop a go-to-market strategy that will not only increase your potential for success, but will allow you to communicate it concisely and effectively to your employees, your trade partners, your customers, and even your investors.


Financial Plan Modeling

Your plan depends on having a clear vision of the future. A detailed financial plan to act upon and gauge your performance will be your roadmap to achieving success. Cascadia can help you develop a detailed three-to-five-year financial plan using our proprietary computer model which will serve as your roadmap. Going forward, this model can provide you ongoing forecasting support. Once developed, the computer model can be updated and maintained by you or by Cascadia, as you wish.


Business Plan Writing / Presentation

From raising capital to getting your organization on the "same page", a well written, comprehensive business plan document will get the job done. In fact, a business plan document is virtually the only way you will get the attention of investors. Cascadia has successfully prepared, written and presented dozens upon dozens of business plans to Banks, Investment Firms (Venture and Private Equity), Private Investors, and Boards of Directors.


We not only write it, we believe it and are often responsible for executing it!


It is easy to write a business plan when you are not responsible for executing the plan. Unlike others, we are often directly responsible for implementing and executing the business plans we develop. Now that is accountability.


Cascadia can support you through our shared-services infrastructure which can provide your everyday back office needs, or design and staff an organization tailored to your specific business.


Specific service areas include:


Sales Order Processing — from order receipt to product shipment

Invoicing — once shipped, invoices prepared and presented

Receivables — recording, tracking, and aging collections—from credit checking to collections calls 

Payables — invoice processing through payment

General Ledger — chart of accounts development and management

Financial Statements — Income, Balance Sheet, Cash flow



Data of any kind is only as useful as your ability to convert it into information that you can understand and act upon. Financial data is no different. Management resources are always critical and in short supply. Analytical tools help you maximize management effectiveness.


Cascadia can perform analysis and create analytical reports that will transform your financial statements and data into useful tools that will allow you to quickly evaluate your performance, identify trouble spots along the way, and highlight the opportunities you have to accelerate growth and profitability.


Working Capital — provides a view of Cash, Receivables, Payables, and Inventories not only in terms of their absolute balances, but in terms of their relationship to your business (e.g.: Days Outstanding).


Performance — provides a quick comparison to key expectations (v. Plan, v. Prior) to show you where to focus you management resources and time.


Trend — allows you to review progress over a series of time periods to assess past performance and more importantly, plan for the future.


Forecasting — takes past trend information and extrapolates future expectations. This incorporates our proprietary financial model.


Capital Investment — From buying your next computer, to making your next corporate acquisition, you should not make a move without knowing what your expected return will be from that investment. Cascadia can support your analysis of new investment through the use of financial forecasting and modeling in conjunction with discounted cash flow techniques to truly evaluate your decision to buy, lease, or walk away.

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