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Cascadia Managing Brands was approached by a very large private-equity firm based in the U.S., which had strategic developments within Brazil and was looking to expand into the U.S. market. Cascadia was hired as a consultant to evaluate the firm's brands and determine which would suit the U.S. market best.  After studying the company’s brands and in consultation with the Brazilian parent company, Cascadia identified Feel Good Zero Calorie ready to drink iced tea as the first product line to bring to the

bring to the U.S., Cascadia developed the Company's US business plan for that expansion, creating a road map covering all intricacies involved in running the new business. Today, Cascadia Managing Brands operates all aspects of Feel Good in the U.S., which includes hiring, training, and managing personnel. Cascadia Managing Brands' management responsibilities  also include oversight of all operations within the company structure (such as marketing, events, social media, sales, logistics, distribution, and warehouse management). Cascadia Managing Brands worked with the parent company to develop new packaging for the Feel Good brand in order to connect best with the U.S. customer. Cascadia Managing Brands' operations with Feel Good continue to grow every day. The unique packaging developed for the US launch is now being used in Brazil as well as the United States.


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