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Bob Corsaro was recruited as Executive Vice President to lead the conversion of the company from a franchised retail business to a supermarket distributed, consumer package Goods Company.  He held direct accountability for the sales, production and direct store distribution of Carvel's frozen desserts products. A major focus had been the distribution expansion, which Bob successfully doubled to over 3500 supermarkets.


Despite start up costs, they were able to reduce distribution expenses by more than ten percent. During this timeframe, Carvel converted a loss in 1995 to a profit in 1996 of approximately $3MM. Within the growth stage, Bob’s focus was to build a strong foundation for future growth. He reorganized the company into a functional structure, recruited experienced sales personnel, and froze geographic expansion to better leverage asset base and marketing expenditures.  


Bob developed and implemented pricing, trade execution, operational plans, including sales goals to support accomplishment of strategic plans. In addition, he developed and implemented long‑ term strategic plans to grow the Carvel brand, increase supermarket share volume, and achieve additional distribution outlets. Bob managed in excess of $200 million in sales, $20 million in direct operating expense and over fifty management and route delivery employees.


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